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PV Consulting prequalifies all of it's subcontractors.   PV Consulting looks for highly skilled subcontractors who take pride in their work and strive for excellence in their performance as well as have an interest to complete the project on time. 

PV Consulting has a  network of qualified subcontractors and always makes an effort to find subcontractors local to the project.  This practice promotes a greater sense of ownership and pride in completing the project in their own community.

PV Consulting has a Fairness Policy with Subcontractors.  When accepting bids from a subcontractor, PV Consulting will never shop the Subcontractor's bid or give the bid information to a competing subcontractor.   PV Consulting accepts the subcontractor's bid as their best bid and will not negotiate a lower price.

A copy of our Prequalification form can be viewed and downloaded from this website.  Click on General Forms, Prequalification Statement.